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Harding Homes of Alaska is a premier home-building company that's been turning innovative ideas into custom-built reality since 1998. Harding Homes of Alaska's President, Evan Harding, has dedicated his company to a standard of excellence that has earned Harding Homes of Alaska the Anchorage Home-Builder’s Association Golden Hammer Award numerous times, the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation's Efficient Home-Builder of the year award, and countless referrals from satisfied customers.

Evan was born and raised in Alaska around the construction business, and now his lifelong mastery has turned him into one of Alaska's premier builders. His vision and dedication to service means you will get one of the best custom-built homes available in Alaska.


Evan will meet with you personally, on your schedule, to get to know the personality and style of your new custom-built home. His hands-on approach means that you're guaranteed open and honest communication between Harding Homes' clients and contractors, ensuring fantastic results. Harding Homes Of Alaska will be with you throughout the building process, from the creation of your cost-free estimate, to ensuring everyone's needs are met when your project is complete.

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