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The Construction Process

Harding Homes Of Alaska's friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to handle every part of the construction process for you. From building permits to the bathroom sink our team has risen to every challenge.  We've been building custom homes for residents of the Anchorage since 1998.  Over the years our mission is to make the building process as stress-free as possible. Attention to detail is critical and begins and ends with open communication between our clients and contractors.  We're dedicated to providing our clients with guidance at every phase of the project, from the cost-free estimate to the final walk-through. We're committed to making sure our customers enjoy every moment of creating their custom-built home, and that's why Harding Homes Of Alaska is your premier home builder.

Creating a budget

At Harding Homes of Alaska our specialty is making your dream become a reality: creating a custom-built home made of the highest quality materials and workmanship, while maintaining sensible control of construction budgets. In short, we pride ourselves in getting the most value for your money while making sure critical details needed for a high-quality home are never overlooked. Harding Homes Of Alaska will even provide you with a preliminary cost estimate based on your plans and considerations.


Stages of Construction

We've developed our own process that helps you oversee every stage of construction of your new home from the earliest concept and design stages and right through each phase of construction- its just one more reason Harding Homes of Alaska is considered one of the finest builders in Anchorage today! Our system of phased checklists and considerations lets you walk through the planning and construction of your new home well in advance. It's divided into activity categories, or phases, from start to finish. The steps are lined up in such a way that it enables our construction team to keep your home's creation moving at a pace necessary to met the deadline for the day you move in. The build-out time is further divided into easily understood pieces that lead right up to the day you take possession of your new home. All of this is accomplished with the help of our project manager who will work closely with you to bring the dream of a custom-built home one step closer to reality. Harding Homes of Alaska ensures quality-control inspections are made at each stage of construction where our objective is to ensure the highest standards have been met throughout the project.


Move In

Once your home is complete, our team will assist you with a pre-occupancy inspection of your new custom-built home. In the final inspection before you move in, we'll provide you with all the final documentation, warranties, explain general care, maintenance, and service instructions for your new custom-built home!

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